Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Backin' Up

Watch this one first:

And now the remix:

Sunday, September 26, 2010


I went to Dallas this weekend for my great aunt's funeral. It was a time of sadness, but even more, it was a time of celebration over a life well-lived for the Lord.

After the funeral, our family went back to my cousin's house to spend a little more time together before everyone left. We were sitting on the back porch lamenting the fact that the only time we ever seem to see each other is at weddings and funerals (and over the last few years, it's been mostly funerals).

I told my family that I would make the ultimate sacrifice--I would have a wedding so that they have another excuse to get together.

Now I just need to find the groom...

Any takers? You would be doing my family a great service.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Know your audience

Rejected Facebook retort of the day:

"When you are 24 years old, married, and incredibly pregnant, perhaps it is best not to imply to your 30-year-old, incredibly single friend that she doesn't know what it's like to experience what appears to be a very long, drawn out period of time."

*Disclaimer: This is spoken mostly tongue-in-cheek. Mostly.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

A missed opportunity?

I felt the need for some prayer time this evening, and I was distracted at home, so I grabbed my journal, a bottle of water, and a blanket and headed to Hermann Park. I undertook this same endeavor last Saturday as well, but I was interrupted by the visit of a rather large rat. However, ever the optimist, I decided to give the park another chance.

I was feeling rather lonely today, so I was praying for someone who would sit with me, hold me, and talk with me (guess what my love languages are). About that time, through my sniffles, I heard a voice asking me if I wanted some company. I soon learned the voice belonged to a bearded man who told me he was "wandering through the park--I mean, I have a home and a job--but I was walking through the park..." After a brief conversation, I politely declined his offer, and he left. I packed up my stuff and left shortly thereafter.

I know God's ways are higher than mine, but surely He wouldn't choose to answer my prayer with a wandering stranger, in the dark, when there were no witnesses in close proximity.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Middle School--where everything's a big deal

I watched a student almost slip into a panic attack today because he thought the fact that I counted him tardy to my class was going to keep him out of Harvard.

Gotta love the 7th-grade drama...