Friday, June 26, 2009

On My Wish List

Thank you, Facebook ads, for bringing this to my attention. I always wanted to be the token white Huxtable kid.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Work in Progress

I promised in my last blog entry that I would elaborate on the random drink offer.

A couple of weeks ago, a good friend of mine was in town for some job interviews (incidentally, she got a job and IS MOVING BACK!! YAY!!), so she and I spent our Friday night the way any good Texan should. After we had our fill of Pappasito's queso and beef fajitas (a.k.a. "manna from Heaven"), we headed over to a local bar to have a couple of drinks and hear some live music.

We had been sitting there for a while enjoying the band and the people-watching when an obviously intoxicated woman came over and asked us if we were using our extra chair. Thinking she would take the chair and move it over to sit with her friends, we told her no. She then proceeded to sit down at our table, and she began talking to us. She discovered that she and my friend share the same middle name ("I'm 40 f-ing years old, and I've never met anyone else with that name!"), and that was it--we were friends for life. And just when we thought she couldn't get any more excited, she found out we were teachers. Wouldn't you know it--her stepmom was a teacher, and she loves her stepmom ("I just laugh my ass off when I'm with her!").

Our new friend became concerned that I was not drinking. I assured her that I had already had a couple of drinks but was done for the night. She insisted that I let her buy me a drink "in honor of [her] stepmom." Generally not being one to pass up a free drink, I relented and drank a vodka and cranberry in honor of a funny stepmom who used to teach. Before the night was over, we had danced with our new friend and her group of friends, chatted with and refused additional drink offers from her significant other (who assured me that teachers have his full support), and acquired a fun story to tell.

What I learned from this night was that I do possess some of the "Hey, wanna buy me a drink?" skills, but they clearly need a little redirection.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Is anyone still there?

I've apparently been on a blog hiatus for a little while. The end of the school year is always crazy, but this year had a few special surprises that made it even more difficult. And so, because I'm sure you've wondered what I've been up to over the last three-and-a-half weeks, to quote Inigo Montoya, "Let me 'splain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up."

Since you last heard from me, I (in no particular order)...

have prayed with friends.
have laughed with friends.
have cried with friends.
ran with Tim the marathoner.
have lamented the world's problems.
solved a few of them.
had students make me cry in a bad way.
had students make me cry in a good way.
used my iron for maybe the 5th time in the almost 7 years I have owned it.
sweated in some strange places.
went to two Astros games.
embraced my inner Charlie's Angel.
watched my babies graduate.
helped change a guy's world view--Yes, we DO think about it.
visited with a long-lost friend.
had a random drunk 40-year-old woman buy me a drink (more on this in another post).
have been discouraged.
have been encouraged.
enjoyed lots of random texting.
received and gave lots of hugs (There are few things better, in my opinion).
did not succumb to Target shoe lust.
decided to go back to Qba (more on this later, too).

Hopefully there's still someone around to read this, and hopefully it won't be another three weeks before you hear from me again.